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I rarely delete anything I shoot. I never know when, due to changing styles or mood, something I would throw away will be my next IT. This has a downside - yesterday I made 11 CDs filled with 9.5 megabyte RAW files from my last few weeks of phot'ing.

Somehow I doubt my hypothetical grandkids will be looking at them in fifty years. You've hit on digital's biggest drawback - it's impermanent.


I'm not thinking of hypothetical grandkids either... but think of all of the great prints that were printed by accident. With digital - we never see the accidental great prints. We will never have the ability to go back 30 years from now and print from processed negatives that were never printed. Imagine the loss of surprise and creativity!

Meg Forbes

Thanks for the visit to my site :). As for the outdating of family photo albums, this does seem a shame. I write just about every photo I take to CD at the end of each month, but do still get a photo lab to print a few shots of each family gathering / Christmas, etc. When CD's are no longer in use I'm sure there will be an intermediate stage where both CD's / DVD's and the new format will be in use concurrently. The new media will probably hold all my CD's on just one of whatever it is. It seems quite likely (knowing myself ;) ) that I'll be too lazy to do it myself however and foresee myself paying someone else to do it for me...

I hope you're having fun with your new toy. I don't believe film and digital should be in competition with each other. I use my Sony for 95% of my daytime shots, but my trusty 1978 full manual, no dependance on batteries, film camera cannot be surpassed for really long exposures at night :).

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