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Matt Kernan

Yes, Picasa is an iPhoto clone (with the exception of the timeline).... but is that a bad thing? If you're using a PC, you can't use iPhoto--in comes Picasa. iPhoto rocks and so does Picasa. ....imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Jim Jennings

I got Picasa free on a Ritz Camera photo CD. I didn't use it because I thought "if it's free, it can't be much." Wrong. I saw a very positive comment in a newletter from NYIP, tried it and the results were great. Better than Photoshop Elements, or the software that came with my printer.

Burt Roberts

I love Picassa. However, only today everything blanked out and I can't get my pictures back. Anyone have any suggestions?

Charley Germain

Anyone having trouble printing photows on Picassa? I am getting lines throughut the photos and don't know how to correct this problem.

Prof Dr David Benseler

I look forward to using picassa.


Can someone tell me if I can add a caption to a fotograph in Picassa ?
Apart from date i cant seem to add a comment to an individual foto...


The best thing about Picasa2 is that its is free. It is a must have if you have a digicam. If only we could add captions to photos to be printed


I want the captions to appear in my auto slideshow. At present captions apper only in manual slideshow. Any solutions / fixes?


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